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About Trina


Trina Low started her own healing journey in 2010.  After having success overcoming her own trauma and pain through alternative methods, she felt inspired to give back by becoming a practitioner in the Healing and Wellness industry.  She and her boyfriend Jason co-own and operate Vitality Wellness Center in Provo, Utah.  Trina is a highly intuitive indivual, and practices over 40 different healing modalities at this time including aromatherapy, kinesiology, nutrition and life coaching and has most recently began writing a book on her own healing journey and the path it led her down.  Her intention is to help those that are still hurting or suffering from the aftermath that trauma and abuse can lead to, so they may know that they too can find peace, healing and have hope for a better future. 

Trina was introduced to the essential oil company doTERRA essential oils by Daniel McDonald and joined in July of 2011.  Currenty she is Platinum ranking and quickly moving on to Diamond!  She has found happiness, growth and success in her healing, with the support of these healing products.  It has allowed her to find balance naturally and spread her love of healing as well as her passion, which is teaching about the benefits of energetic healing and wellness. 

Assisting others on their healing journey, mentoring, and acting as a beacon of hope are Trina's primary focus moving forward in an effort to support all those who decide to embark on their healing path within.



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* Disclaimer

I do not diagnose, treat, or cure in any manner that is legally restricted to licensed doctors or other licensed healthcare practitioners.  I claim nor formal training in psychology or in the medical field.  I offer services based solely on my natural born intuitive gifts.